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Improve Your Playing With
Free Guitar Lessons Online


Helping You Improve Your Guitar Skills

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Central, a place designed for the beginner to advanced guitar player.

A great benefit that you will receive here at Guitar Lessons Central is a feeling of great pleasure and satisfaction knowing that you have improved your ability as a guitar player with the wealth of information that you can find here.

My 20 years experience as a guitar player has taught me the quickest and easiest ways to teach guitar. I’ve been compiling and putting together all that I have learned over my many years of playing for your benefit.



“I’m dedicated to helping you improve your skills as a guitar player


Start improving your guitar skills today with lessons that are easy to understand and simple to follow!!!

Video lessons now being added!

Guitar Lessons Central is here to make learning the guitar fun and easy as well as answer any questions that you might have along the way.

If you are a beginner, you will love how easy it can be to learn how to play. If you are more advanced and have been playing for awhile, then you might have questions that you would like answered.


Accelerate your learning!

The guitar lessons have tablature, audio, and video examples to make the learning process easier by letting you hear as well as see what you should be playing… no need to read music here!

Have some fun with the free jam tracks provided here at Guitar Lessons Central where you can practice and reinforce what you’re learning.

 I will cover different topics ranging from guitar theory… finger exercises… building and understanding chords… soloing… improvisation… and many other areas of discussion that relate to us guitar players, I will do my best to make sure these are as understandable and as readable as possible. I realize that not everyone is on the same level so, let’s get started and put you in the right direction.

As well, I will cover all my favorite learning products (books, videos, software, etc.) that are available today.

All to help you improve your guitar skills so you can become the player you always knew you could be!


If you are just starting out, my advice would be to start in the beginner guitar lessons (LINK) section and cover the basics first.

Everything here has been put together for your learning pleasure, so go grab a drink, sit down, click on a link below and get started, bookmark the page and come back to visit any time, we are here to help you in any possible way we can. We hope you enjoy reading and learning as much as we do teaching.

April 19, 2017 / Glomtom16